Message from the Rector

In a rapidly changing world, universities are expected to overcome the challenges of the era of globalization. Sustaining a world-class university demands investment in new facilities, new areas of study, and most importantly, in people; continued efforts and innovative partnerships. The main educational tenets of a university are developing the capacity for research investigation, directing independent skills and critical creativity that contribute to the emergence of ground-breaking developments and innovations that foster leadership skills and having a sustainable impact at the national and international level.

As its foremost objective, our university aims to train future professionals and distinguished experts that excel in their respective fields of study and are able to meet the demands of the modern world. As for our educational concept, we are committed to the principles of enhancing the amount and quality of scientific knowledge; respectful with equal and fair treatment toward different beliefs and ideas; universal with its interests toward its region and the globe; innovative and accessible by targeting individual peace and social welfare; and social with its student-oriented campus and understanding.

Thriving to become a world acknowledged institution, we are dedicated to bring success through our pro-active approach, being confident, dynamic and responsive. We are also committed to enhancing our curriculum and implementing facilities which will provide our students with the best possible learning environment. Believing that international cooperation is crucial for a modern university, we enhance active participation of students in international programs, developing close ties and collaboration with leading education institutions around the world. Currently, we are hosting a great number of foreign students, building a reputation for being a globally accessible institution. In this sense, it is essential for us that students of all faiths and backgrounds feel welcome.

With numerous research centers and facilities, we provide ample opportunities for students to develop new projects and conduct scientific research. The university also takes active part in social responsibility projects to strengthen social bonds and contributes to the improvement of society through its training programs for the public and private sector, as well as through its publications and the panels, workshops, conferences organized as part of its pioneering projects.

As a young state university founded on an age-old tradition, our university is situated in the heartland of Anatolia, Konya the capital city of the ancient Seljuk state, from which we benefit its intellectual heritage, as well as from its successor, the Ottoman state. This heritage entrusts us to pass the historical intellectual legacy on to next generations. Konya is also distinctive in hosting the great scholar Mevlânâ Rūmī, well-known and prominent all over the world. His saying outlines our key principle in our pursuit of success ’’The most valued legacy one can bequeath is knowledge.’’

Best regards,

Prof. Dr. Muzaffer Şeker